In the Fall of 2005, I met Louis Toth, Deepak Sindwani and David Horowitz of Comcast Ventures (fka Comcast Interactive Capital) in the lobby of the Hotel Pennsylvania for an introductory interview. My prior employer, Flarion Technologies, was being acquired by QUALCOMM and I decided to explore new opportunities. For irreconcilable reasons, I decided that staying with QUALCOMM and moving to San Diego wasn’t right for me… after all, why live near the beach with amazing weather and endless nature to explore.

Although I was able to interact with Flarion’s venture investors during my tenure, I wasn’t drawn to pursuing…

For all of the talk about disruptors inventing the latest in Silicon Valley innovation, this is a story about what happens when entrepreneurs find success by embracing traditional technology with a relentless pursuit. CTI Towers advanced the wireless communications industry by seeing the value that existing infrastructure could bring to new technologies.

To tell it, I have to go back a couple of decades. Think back to a time when landscapes were peppered by communications towers housing microwave dishes and TV antennas. As you fast forward to the present time, those microwave dishes and TV antennas have minimal utility as…

EdgeConneX Co-Founders: COO Edmund Wilson and CEO Randy Brouckman

By Dave Zilberman, Managing Director at Comcast Ventures

Investors always have that special story featuring the “Hail Mary” or the pivot to breakout success. For me, the acquisition of EdgeConneX by EQT AB is the success story that I like to tell most — because it almost never was.

About ten years ago during an EdgeConneX board meeting in a small Reston, VA office, a pit developed in my stomach. EdgeConneX launched in 2009 and was only my second investment as a Managing Director at Comcast Ventures. (We were the largest investor in the Company’s Series A.) After a year…

Identity verification for workloads, enterprise employees and end-consumers is the key to creating a world without passwords and a future without massive data breaches. At Comcast Ventures, we’re doubling down on two companies with unique authentication and identity verification technology: HYPR and Aporeto.

Food delivery service DoorDash announced that a data breach occurring in May 2019 had impacted nearly 5 million members, workers, and merchants of the company. Criminals gained access to data ranging from payment cards, bank accounts, names, addresses, and driver’s license numbers. …

Aporeto is taking a bold approach to revolutionize security

Data creation and data flow are exploding. Correspondingly, there has been no shortage of data breaches or funding in cybersecurity startups focused on protecting networks and data across the enterprise. Meanwhile, the cloud is offering new ways of connectivity and productivity. But a lot of companies are still approaching the new cloud landscape with legacy solutions and outdated approaches.

Source: Aporeto

The results are disastrous.

Traditional security solutions are not meeting today’s needs. Many enterprises are left exposed as they Swiss cheese their firewalls to make the applications work.

Fortunately, companies like Aporeto are taking a bold approach to revolutionize security in…

Dave Zilberman

investing in enterprise software, cyber security and financial services

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